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Join an exclusive community of ambitious independent coaches & consultants, dedicated to making it on their own, turning their passion into a thriving profession.

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Attract & book Clients

Crack the rhythmic acquisition of clients and move beyond peaks and troths of irregular income.

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Demonstrate your expertise and the value of your coaching in a manner that feels genuine and resonates with your ideal clients.

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Run a prosperous coaching practice, true to your personal values and approach to coaching.

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Sustainable Growth

Learn how to enhance your business's environmental and social impact, ensuring long-term success.

Tailored Learning

Masterclasses in deep product thinking, financial management, and effective marketing strategies.

Wholehearted Guidance

Led by Georg Fasching, a renowned leader in digital product development and sustainability.

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Challenges of Independent Coaches & Consultants

  • Attracting Valuable Clients Regularly: One of our key challenges is to keep finding clients who are not just profitable for our business, but also share our values and principles. This is crucial for our financial health and growth. We prioritize building relationships with clients who add real value to what we do and align with our ethical standards.

  • Balancing Work and Personal Life: We fully understand the challenge of balancing our career ambitions with our personal lives. It's like walking a tightrope, trying to succeed professionally while also taking care of our families and ourselves. Our goal is to find a harmonious balance in our sometimes hectic schedules.

  • Incorporating Sustainability in Our Business: As dedicated professionals, we're committed to including sustainable and ethical practices in our business strategies. For us, success isn’t just about profit; it’s about being responsible and making a positive impact in our communities and on the environment.

  • Growing Our Professional Networks: We recognise the importance of effective networking and seeking collaborative opportunities for mutual growth. Building strong, meaningful connections and making the most of our professional networks is crucial for discovering new opportunities and boosting our business potential.

Opportunities of integrating Sustainability

  • Creating Sustainable Business Practices: We have a great chance to stand out by creating and using sustainable business practices. This improves how people see us as professionals who care about society and the environment. It also draws in clients who think sustainability is important. We're showing others how to do business in a way that's good for our planet.

  • Making the Most of Green Opportunities: In many areas, people are looking for services and products that are good for the environment. By focusing on these areas, we can connect with clients who really want what we offer. This helps us grow our business and find more clients.

  • Providing Eco-Friendly Solutions and Innovations: Being innovative with eco-friendly ideas gives us a special thing to offer. Whether it's new ways of working, tools, or approaches that are kind to the environment, we can meet our clients' needs and also help our planet and its people.

  • Boosting Our Brand and Trust Through Sustainability: Committing to green practices is a great way to make our brand stronger and gain our clients' trust. Showing that we're dedicated to ethical and environmentally-friendly practices makes us stand out as reliable and forward-thinking professionals. This attracts clients who value the same things we do.

What's inside?

Business Growth

What you'll learn:

  • Deep Product Thinking

  • Financial Management

  • Effective Marketing & Sales

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Continual Adaptability

  • and more

In addition to these areas, networking, building strong relationships, and maintaining a customer-centric approach are vital for the sustained growth of an independent coaching or consulting business.

Remember, while growth is essential, it's equally crucial to ensure that growth is sustainable over the long term.

Sustainability Growth

What you'll learn:

  • Environmental Responsibility

  • Ethical Business Practices

  • Community Engagement

  • Long-term Economic Viability

  • Continuous Innovation

  • and more

Mastering sustainability isn't just a way to contribute positively to the world; it's also a smart business move.

Businesses that can demonstrate genuine sustainability efforts often find themselves with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Where can it get you to?

Within Your First Month (i.e. during the trial)

Imagine having achieved clarity on your current business position, your goal, and the key steps to get there. Let that sink in for a moment and observe the feeling of satisfaction and relief of stress that can come with that.

Furthermore you can actually achieve Net Zero for your company in the first month too. The step-by-step blueprint for achieving this is in there for you to implement straight away. It takes under one hour to implement.

Within 6 Months

Imagine having a deep understanding of your ideal client/target audience, combined with knowledge of where they are to be reached. You have created several ways of marketing to them and through trials and iteration, you optimised your flow of incoming leads.

You are now comfortable in turning those leads into customers, be it through digital means or calls, with a high success rate.

Furthermore you can look back at how much good you have done through your chosen Net Zero activity.

Sit with this image in your mind for a bit and notice how you feel about this experience.

P.S.: These scenarios are based on your actually doing the work and following the training. These are typical and achievable results for those doing the work. Simply watching and consuming will not get anyone to the goal. Implementation, action, and execution are required. Having said that, in case you do do the work, including the iteration that is often required, particularly on marketing and sales related activities, there are guarantees available; see below.

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Alumni around the world

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Executive Coaching Hours

>21,150 🌇

Hours as an Independent

>24 📱

Years in Digital

>11 💚

1% Sales Donation Years

1% FTP Member Since 2013

Your Host - Georg Fasching

1999-2012 CAS to CPO, the corporate years

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Georg has established himself as a transformative leader in Digital Product Development, particularly within the payment and technology sectors. His expertise lies not just in creating products but also in nurturing high-performing teams, spearheading organisational change, and ensuring the seamless delivery of value.

Starting his journey in Vienna with roles at Radio Eins Privatradio and T-Mobile, Georg quickly climbed the corporate ladder.

At T-Mobile, he was instrumental in product management, especially in the realms of M-Commerce and M-Payment. His tenure saw his move to London, the launch of innovative mobile payment solutions and a significant expansion of electronic customer relationships.

Georg's journey took him to net mobile AG, where he successfully delivered mobile marketing campaigns for renowned brands and developed mobile marketing products that significantly reduced deployment costs.

MasterCard Worldwide tapped into Georg's prowess next, where he played a pivotal role in creating a partner program for mobile financial services and developed the Mobile MoneySend product.

As the Chief Product Officer at Luup Limited, he oversaw product lines centred around corporate, branchless banking, and remittance solutions, achieving several world-firsts and bagging numerous industry awards.

2012-now, startup mentor & solopreneur

His stint at various startups as a mentor reflects his commitment to nurturing the next generation of innovators. He contributed to the growth of startups at Seedcamp, Startupbootcamp FinTech, and FinTech Innovation Lab, providing invaluable guidance and expertise.

His tenure as founder of Team Genius stands out, where he has been serving as a Product Delivery Coach & Product Leader Coach since 2012. Here, he's been addressing the challenges that product teams face in large multinational enterprises, advocating for systemic change built on three pillars: Value Delivery, Organisational Change, and People Development.

Continued Professional Development

Georg is an alumnus of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, where he pursued Business Sustainability Management. He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching from the University of Chester and has furthered his technical knowledge with a Certificate in Information Technology and Computing from The Open University.

Georg also invested 10s of thousands of Euros in learning about Digital Marketing and Sales, from John Carlton, Russel Brunson, André Chaperon, Alex Hormozi, Brendon Burchard, Cole Gordon, and more.


Endorsements from colleagues and peers throughout his career highlight Georg's credibility, passion, and commitment. Vicky Schildkamp, General Manager at Automation Logic, praises Georg's vast experience and excellent facilitation skills. Similarly, Collin Lyons, Delivery Director at ustwo, lauds Georg as the best coach he's worked with in over a decade in the Agile community.

In summary, Georg is a beacon of innovation, transformation, and leadership in the digital product development landscape, with a proven track record of delivering value, fostering organisational change, and championing people development.


Membership Plans

Every plan comes with a 30-day trial for FREE.

Premium Plan


or €8790/year

Only ≤10 spots available.

  • 2x Live sessions per month:

    • 1x Teaching call

    • 1x Community call

  • Online Video Courses

  • Growth Blueprint Docs

  • Community forum

  • 1x 1:1 Accelerator Call with Georg in month 2

  • 1x Live Session per month with Georg & all Progressive Members

  • Recordings of all Teaching calls

  • Bonus: 'High-Performance' Online Course (€945 value)

Everything in Pro & Progressive, plus:

  • Strategy Call in month 1 for Onboarding (€995 value)

  • 2x 1:1 business coaching calls per month with Georg (from month 2)

  • Bonus: 'Proper Leadership' Online Course (€945 value)

Progressive Plan


or just €2790/year

Only ≤30 spots available.

  • 2x Live sessions per month:

    • 1x Teaching call

    • 1x Community call

  • Online Video Courses

  • Growth Blueprint Docs

  • Community forum

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • 1x 1:1 Accelerator Call with Georg in month 2

  • 1x Live Session per month with Georg & all Progressive Members

  • Recordings of all Teaching calls

  • Bonus: 'High-Performance' Online Course (€945 value)

Pro Plan


or just €790/year

≤90 spots available.

  • 2x Live sessions per month:

    • 1x Teaching call

    • 1x Community call

  • Online Video Courses

  • Growth Blueprint Docs

  • Community forum

Comes with Progressive:

  • 1x 1:1 Accelerator Call with Georg in month 2

  • 1x Live Session per month with Georg & all Progressive Members

  • Recordings of all Teaching calls

  • Bonus: 'High-Performance' Online Course (€945 value)

Bonuses for All Plans

General Bonuses

  • Irresistible Offer Course (€945 value)

  • Quality Leads Course (€945 value)

  • 3 Steps to Net Zero - Blueprint (€275 value)

Deals on Tools

  • All-In-One Platform for Hosting, CRM, Sales & Marketing w/o Code for $79/mo (saves $18)

  • 50% off first month of Scoreapp

  • Up to 3 months free with NordVPN

  • 1 Month free secure eMail Plus by Proton

  • Free Notion account

  • €50 or €100 when joining, experts for e-Residency, Incorporation, Accounting & Bookkeeping in Estonia

  • For you and your kids: $10 off your first CrunchLabs Build Box order

Not-For-Profit & Charity Membership

You get FREE access to the Pro Plan!


29-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm not asking you to say Yes or No today. I'm asking you to make a fully informed decision today; that is all.

The only way you can make a fully informed decision is on the inside, not the outside. So you get on the inside and see if everything written on this page is true and valuable to you.

Then, if it is, that's when you decide to keep it. If it's not for your, no hard feelings. You will then, after having signed up for the membership, be able to make a fully informed decision that this isn't for you.

But you don't make the decision right now for the same reason you don't buy a house without having a look around inside. And know this ... whether it's 29 minutes or 29 days from now ... if you aren't happy, I won't be happy.

For any reason whatsoever, if you want to end your membership before the first full charge, go ahead and cancel. I only want to receive your membership fee if you're happy.

6-months Results Guarantee

If you stay a member for 6 months and you can show that and how you implemented the training and blueprints, but you have not received any meaningful results, Georg will work with you in 4x 45-minute sessions over 2 months to help you close the gap.

Best Case vs. Worst Case Reality Check

Best case, you get the business & sustainability results of your dreams because we give you all your money's worth of service while you're staying with us towards your long term goal.

Worst case you tell me this sucks, I issue you a refund and you get 4 weeks of free content.

Both options are risk free, but the only thing guaranteed not to help you
is browsing away from here today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Green Growth Club?

A membership based club to enables XS- & Small business owners grow their companies with sustainability in mind.

What does the Green Growth Club offer?

Step-by-step blueprints, recorded online courses, and live sessions, all filled with valuable learning on business growth and sustainability growth.

There are several membership levels, with increasing extra time spent with the Green Growth Club' founder Georg, in smaller and smaller settings.

What does the Green Growth Club membership cost?

Please refer to the plans overview above.

What if I don't like it, or it won't work for me?

There are several guarantees on offer. Please refer to the Guarantees section on this page for details.

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